Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Bad Feminist or Not??

I resent the assumption on certain other blogs( that any criticism of Hillary or even, that abortion should not be used as a bargaining chip in an argument with a woman's partner & you are a misogynist pig or a bad feminist.

On Real Time with Bill Maher, he said something about the Many Faces of Hillary & over on, you would think that he was a serial killer. I am a feminist & I LIKE BILL MAHER. I know it shouldn't have bothered me like it did, but when it was added to everything else, I went ballistic. Hell, I even like some porn & anyone who knows me well enough knows that I believe that a woman has a right to work in the sex industry & not be treated like a pariah.

My sister-in-law sent me a text message on Monday night, the same night as finding out that she was preggers, stating that she wanted to know how to arrange an abortion. When we talked about it(for about half an hour), she stated that he fiance was not paying her attention and she would not continue the pregnancy under those circumstances. ANYTIME a woman uses the threat of abortion as a bargaining chip to get more attention or whatever IT IS WRONG.

Add to everything else today that I have been having bad dreams about my deceased mother for over 3 weeks and I just can't keep everything mellow and situated any longer. I started to have a breakdown on Daily Kos ( in Cheers & Jeers today and you will see that I am just about around the bend, I think.

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