Sunday, April 6, 2008

Am I a bad Democrat??

I keep wondering if I could fall the same way my mother fell & suddenly become a Republican or even worse, am I a bad Democrat? Following are the reasons I ask.

  1. I consider myself to be a Feminist; however I do not believe that women need to be given extra privileges to make up for the lack of rights that were ascribed to us in the past. I also should not be made to feel that if I don't follow in the path of NOW that I am not a good Feminist.
  1. I am not now, nor have I ever been racist. I was raised not to participate in an interracial relationship, and with the exception of my 1st marriage I have not.
  1. I am pro-choice; however I can not see myself making the choice to terminate a pregnancy. You have the right to make that choice for yourself. It is not up to me to decide that you need to carry a pregnancy caused by a rape or molestation to term, especially if it is going to cause you psychological damage.
  1. I do believe that there is a God; however I do not believe that He (or She) has been overseeing my life. If God had been, I would not have been through half of everything that I have been.
  1. I do believe that every American has the same rights and responsibilities and should not be given extra privileges to make up for past mistakes. If my great-grandparents owned your great-grandparents, I should not have to pay you damages for their sins. I am not talking about things like Equal Opportunity, I am talking about the viability of lawsuits that state that my great-grandparents were slaves; therefore the great-grandchild of the plantation owners are liable.
  1. I believe that every American has the same right to health care no matter what your medical history may be. It should not be a case of the poor being forced into the ER for things like the flu.
  1. I believe that prostitution should be legalized, as should marijuana. We are, as a nation, wasting all these tax dollars to fight against these minor vices, and for what?? To protect the Puritanical view of our nation.
  1. I believe that every citizen has certain responsibilities that coordinate with our rights. For example, if I have the right to vote, I have the responsibility to be informed.
  1. I should not be forced to vote a certain way just to prove that I am a Feminist or a Democrat.
  1. I believe that we do owe everything to our Armed Forces and the Vets thereof. I believe that we are in an illegal war and that we need to get out ASAP.
  1. I believe that we, as a nation, owe certain things to our citizens like care for our Elderly, care for our disadvantaged and care for our ill. No American should be living in poverty beyond their means just because of the corporate society.
  1. I believe that every American has the right to choose their own path, not have it forced on them by either society or the Administration.

Knowing this, am I a bad Democrat, confused, or just a normal human being?

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Francesca said...

You can still talk to your daughter though. I'm always here...I went into a mental hospital for a week though. And I'm engaged to a wonderful guy.