Friday, October 3, 2008

The Tricia Wyse Story

Chapter 1

My mother was diagnosed with fibroid tumors when I was 6 or 7, back in 1976 or 1977. The first hospital attempted a hysterectomy; however when they attempted this, she began bleeding profusely due to cervical cancer and was transferred to another hospital. This hospital, Osteopathic Hospital in Philadelphia, decided that they were going to give her radiation treatments and a radiation implant. She spent over a month going back and forth from Conshohocken, PA to City Line Avenue in Philadelphia to Osteopathic Hospital every day for radiation treatments.

From that point on, until I was 16, my mother was in and out of the hospital because Osteopathic Hospital messed her up so badly that she ended up with a colostomy and 3 hernias. They had to move the opening for her colostomy at least 3 additional times and they were never able to close the recto-vaginal fistula and she ended up dying because her cancer returned as skin cancer in her rectal cavity caused by the same virus that caused her cervical cancer. I can remember clearly being 10 years old and my best friend was the little old lady that worked in the gift shop in Montgomery Hospital in Norristown, PA. Every time my father would come out to leave the hospital and after seeing the look on his face, I would be asking how she was doing and he would always tell me that he wasn't sure whether she would make it through the night.

My father was a compulsive cheater and liar, as well as having an abusive streak. He beat on my mother on a regular basis, as well as degrading her and flaunting his many affairs in her face. He was an on-site apartment maintenance man, which meant that the apartment always came with the job. He always ended up finding some female to have an affair with on the property(whichever property we were on at the time) and although he would lie like a rug to my mom, she always found out about the affair.

When I was 13, he started on me. He felt me up from behind in bed, as well as throwing a plate at me and slicing open my elbow. When I told my mom that he felt me up, he insisted that it was an accident, that he thought that it was her and conned her into forgiving him. When I was 15 and on a different property, I had two twin beds in my room. He began sleeping in the other bed because due to my mom's incontinence due to the damage from the radiation. He began slipping into my bed after I was asleep and kissing on my back until I would roll over and then he would attempt to perform oral sex on me even though I was mostly asleep. I never really said anything to my mom because I was enough out of it that I could honestly say that I wasn't really sure that it ever happened.

In the meantime, he would make snide remarks about my weight, hit me on a regular basis and then make the entire family eat whatever he wanted whenever he wanted and still treat mom & I like day-laborers all the way from 9th through 10th grade. That summer when things got really bad, he had me doing part of his apartment maintenance duties during the day and then at night he would berate me for the little mistakes that I made during the day and then after mom went to bed, he would start in on molesting me again.

My mom finally figured out what was going on and decided that we needed to move to get away from him. It took over a year for the apartment to go through; however when it finally did go through, we moved from Northeast Philadelphia, to Columbia, PA. It was a 2 hour drive each way every week in order to see my grandmother or to visit my father. Within 3 months, he got himself fired from the property that he was at and moved himself back in with us in Columbia. He figured out that he was busted, so he decided to leave off of me until the coast was clear, so to speak.

When I was 18, we moved back into the same property that we had been in when we first moved up to Columbia; although we had moved 5 times within 3 years and my father had gone through 5 jobs within that time same time frame. Once we were back on that same property, my father began molesting me again. He then decided to cheat on my mother with a mother of 3 in the next building. All through this I was determined that my father would not take my actual virginity, so every time he tried to penetrate me, I tightened my muscles up enough that he was never able to. I then found some guy who I thought was really old at the time and was a mechanic at the garage across the street from the gas station that I was working at and allowed him to have his way with me in order for someone else to take my virginity.

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